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Adventures at Goatshead Castle

Goatshead Castle

Once upon a time and far far away, in the village of Goatshead, there lived an evil witch called Samantha V Hutton… She was so evil that one day, all the villagers banded together and burned her at the stake! Some said she deserved it, well eh, actually, everyone said she deserved it! However, before she died she cast a spell on her most trusted companions, making them immortal and gifting them with the book of spells, which could be used to resurrect her from the grave. And as the villagers watched her perish, she vowed to return within a week, and unleash the most unimaginable horrors upon the villager and their homes.Four hundred years later, the three companions of Samantha V Hutton finally got around to bringing her back… These being Samantha’s Maid, Butler and cousin Amanda. But something went terribly wrong during the resurrection ceremony, and instead of the vile evil creature they once knew, they discovered that after three centuries in limbo, Samantha had gotten a little… Well let’s not beat-around-the-bush, she got a lot more selfish, self-centered and unbelievably deluded - so much so, she now believes herself to be the biggest celebrity this world has ever seen! And if you believe her delusions, you might just survive a visit to Goatshead castle unharmed!